by Crater Face

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released November 25, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Berrie in his bedroom. Backing vocals on Bukowski and Crater Face by Alex Berrie. Acoustic Guitar on Crater Face also by Alex Berrie (Yeah, he shreds).

Art By Rob Stone.

Shout to all my Leftover boiz (Especially David for making me realise that this is what I want to do), Rob Stone, Luke Rainsford, Tally, JJ, Berrie, Angus, Tabatha and their beautiful little girls, My Dad and,Joanne, Sara and Bronagh for always supporting my music.

This one's for you Mum.



all rights reserved


Crater Face Milton Keynes, UK

Quiet then Loud acoustic Emo from Milton Keynes.

Stay Cold.

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Track Name: Crater Face
Another night spent staring out my window
Cigarettes start to flow
Head rush from the Nicotine
Late Nights starting to get to me

James and I have more in common then acne; he knows what it's like to feel empty.
Running on cocktails of caffeine and impostor feelings.

Nothing more than just a Crater Face, I'm a fucked up kid whose given more than he could take.
Track Name: Clipper
I kept your lighter in my back pocket on my travels across this grey country, and would flicker it when things seemed particularly bleak. I'd watch the naked flame as it danced around the breeze; made bluer skies of my stormy seas.

I felt the anger bubble up, grind my spine to shit. I felt my jaw clench and my fists follow it. I looked in towards myself and found a bottomless pit; a spineless creep hiding behind wit.

But we found solace in your Clipper. We'll watch it flicker.

(Lighter Noise)
Track Name: October
You left a note upon my bed littered with words of woven lead. I felt them bounce around my head, and i just slept. I just fucking slept.

When October comes, will you think of me? Spent the summer with the man you knew I'll never be.

Putting fags out in my eyes because I don't sleep most nights. Keep on staring out at my drive; wait for you to pull up and tell me everything's gonna be alright.

When October comes, will you think of me? Spent the summer with the man you knew I'll never be.